Through The Shadows Instr. Demo

by The Spiritual Bat



First Released in 2005 as CDR. Now Digital Download only. The Through The Shadows Instrumental Demo is the very first work published after the big split-up in 2004. We had already experienced several band split-ups, several line-ups, but now the original singer and co-founder was gone, too. It was tough. Dario did not hesitate one second, though. He felt he wasn't done, just yet. He changed the name from plural to singular, and kept on recording.

At some point we even experienced a total loss of data due to a hard disk-failure, when we were almost done recording the first time. It felt like a bad omen, like it wasn't supposed to happen. But we stubbornly started all over. Dario had learnt to play bass and synths. I had learnt to program drums and record and mix, with Dario's artistic direction. I am quite proud of these drum parts! I hope that some of you out there will appreciate them. The drums sounds here are from a Yamaha DTX. All instrumental, no clue whether anyone would ever sing these songs.

Our friend Eric Hammer (aka Doc Hammer) was among the first to hear the new project. He was pretty enthusiastic about our progress, so much so that he just took and gave us Mastering, something we had never had yet. 300 CDR copies of this demo were made, here in Italy, through a little computer shop. The Demo was reviewed by a few, including Mick Mercer. It was ignored by others. Some said, progressive, some said psychedelic deathrock, some said the bats had turned into canaries, or something like that. Up to you to judge. We think it's beautiful. Not perfect, but beautiful! In any case we have only our own 2-3 copies left of it. It's all gone. And now we are making it digitally available for those of you music lovers who might appreciate it!

The track Daring can only be heard on this Demo. On the official release it is substituted by the track Sogno Tribale.

This album features very special guest Maestro Bruno Paolo Lombardi on Flute. Lombardi is a top classical musician, who has worked with Ennio Morricone, Luciano Pavarotti, La Scala, just to mention a few, as well as several most renowned symphonic orchestra conductors.

"Through The Shadows, the official release following this demo, represents Rosetta's debut as a singer. She was previously involved with The Spiritual Bats (plural) as drummer (Sacrament CD). She later on started programming drums, envisioning such arrangements that she felt would be best played by a "real" drummer. A limited edition instrumental-only Demo of Through The Shadows was circulated with programmed drums. But both Dario and Rosetta really wanted acoustic drums for the official release. A studio session was arranged for drummer Alessio Santoni (Ufip-Facus) to record all tracks on acoustic drums - except for Sogno Tribale. Though he initially implied the parts were at times cerebral and hardly playable, he did an outstanding job at interpreting Rosetta's arrangements. At this point she felt she needed another role if she wanted to still perform with the band. So she decided to write down lyrics and try and record vocals for the album. She managed in the short time given to record vocals on 6 out of 12 tracks: Through The Shadows, Silver Lakes, Waltz, Wish Power, Newdance, Sogno Tribale. In The Golden Cage was re-released later on as vocal mix in the compilation Lunar Sea, by Shinto Records."


released August 1, 2005

Dario Passamonti Guitar, Bass, Synths, Music

Rosetta Garri': Programming, Drum Arrangements

Bruno Paolo Lombardi: Flute on Wandering On Cobble Hills, Prague, Primordial Call, Twins.

Recorded and Mixed by Rosetta and Dario at The Studio (Frosinone, Italy)

Mastering: Eric Hammer (aka Doc Hammer) at Astro Base Go! (New York City)



all rights reserved


The Spiritual Bat Italy

Initially meaning to release instrumental music, when a recording session for acoustic drums was set up, Rosetta, who had previously been the drummer, on a spur of the moment wrote and recorded the lyrics and vocals for Through The Shadows. The Spiritual Bat is an evolution from "The Spiritual Bats" project which was conceived in 1992... read more on Facebook, Reverbnation, Myspace ... more

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